AES encryption

Free online encryption app to send encrypted messages, secure email, or encrypt text on any device using AES



What is AES app? is free, multi-platform, high-level security, web app that allows you to secure your email, or send private messages through your preferred messaging app, by encrypting text with 256-bit AES encryption, so that only he who knows the correct password will be able to decrypt and read the text. No organization or hacker will be able to decipher your message without knowing the password.

Which devices are compatible?

This app will work on any device with a web browser that supports HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, running any operating system such as Android, Windows, iOS (iPhone - iPad), macOS or Linux. It will also work alongside WhatsApp®, Facebook Messenger®, Skype®, Outlook®, Gmail®, and any email service, for sending really private messages to anyone. This security app can be used with or without installation, either online or offline. Just go to and secure your sensitive messages from end to end.

How to encrypt messages?

  1. Enter o paste the text you want to encrypt into the editing area, or share it from another app to this one (*).
  2. Enter the encryption password you want to use. The quality meter will help you choose a good password.
  3. Tap the Encrypt button. The generated ciphertext appears on the editing area.
  4. Copy/paste or share the ciphertext to your email or chatting app.

How to decrypt ciphertext?

  1. Copy the ciphertext you received by email or messaging app and paste it into the editing area, or share it from the other app to this one (*)
  2. Enter the decryption password. If you don't know the correct pass word, you will not be able to decrypt the ciphertext.
  3. Tap the Decrypt button. The decrypted message will appear on the editing area.

How to install this app?

On Chrome for Android and Windows, you will be prompted to install the app on your device when you load it. On Safari for iOS and macOS

How secure is this encryption app?

AESencryption .org provides high-level security, confidentiality and authentication. It employs strong AES encryption algorithm. Encryption and decryption take place within your web browser, so your password and data never leave your device.

What are the app's technical details?

AES Encryption web app implements strong encryption and its source code is open for peer review. Firstly, the password is strengthened by the key derivation function specified by RSA’s PKCS#5 V2 standard, with SHA256 hash algorithm, a salt, and 10,000 iterations, to generate a 256-bit key. Then the AES cipher is used in 256-bit, CCM mode (counter with CBC-MAC), which provides both confidentiality and authentication. The ciphertext is base64-encoded.

Is my password or data ever sent over the Internet?

Absolutely not. Your password and data never leave your device. AES is a web app written in Javascript that runs within your web browser, in your device. It does not rely on any encryption server, the cloud, or any third party whatsoever. Once this app has been loaded, you can disconnect your device from the Internet and use the app indefinitely for offline encryption and decryption. Furthermore, on most devices this app can also be installed and used just as a native app.

Is AES open source?

All the source code for AES encryption is open for everyone to review. This security software application is based on the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library. The rest of the files have different copyright details. Please see this page's source code and linked Javascript files for further information.

What is "AES encryption"?

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It is a strong encryption algorithm based on "Rijndael". It was developed by Belgian cryptographers Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen and it was selected by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), becoming effectively the US federal government encryption standard since 2002.

What is encryption?

Encryption is the process in which data is converted into ciphertext, so that it can only be deciphered by the one who knows the password or key. More precisely, a mathematical function takes the original unencrypted data (plaintext) and a key, and outputs ciphertext.

What is ciphertext?

Ciphertext is enciphered data; a secret code that no one can read without the correct key or password. It looks like a series of random and meaningless letters. For example, something like this: "IQKzJfMSx0FSFjhm7fO6lITdyK0Li5"

How can I encrypt files?

At present this free encryption tool does not support file encryption. To encrypt a file on a computer using strong encryption, you will need encryption software like CryptoForge.